Laura Martin

Board Director

Laura has been working in Probation for the last 16 years, 13 of those within practice.  She is not sure what it was about university holidays spent filing and typing up contacts, sentence plans and risk assessments that got her hooked but as soon as she graduated she applied for a job as a Probation Service Officer in Greater Manchester.

Since 2002 she have worked as a programmes tutor and treatment manager, and after her training, a field based Probation Officer.  She then spent 5 years within the Performance and Quality Team, culminating in the role of Greater Manchester PQF co-ordinator.  She has recently commenced a new role as a Senior Probation Officer within the Merseyside Student Unit – a new (and old!) approach to supporting the development of Learner Practitioners as they train to become Probation Officers.  Since having her two boys (now 6 and 4) she has been working part time for the Probation Service and has also joined Manchester Metropolitan University as an Associate Lecturer, teaching on the university element of the PQF.

Laura also works with Salford University, supporting their undergraduate and CPD courses on the Criminal Justice Process.  In September 2014 she commenced her doctoral studies with Salford University, where her research will focus on the professional development of Probation staff.