Practitioner Register : Join now with a big discount incentive

To encourage new and existing Institute members to join the Professional Practitioner Register, for a limited period the Probation Institute is offering major discounts on membership fees of up to 50%. This will mean no-one will have to pay any extra for joining the Register at the appropriate professional level.

The Register is a vital tool in getting recognition for the experience, expertise and qualifications of practitioners.  It works alongside the Institute’s ‘Professional Development Framework’ which supports both employers and employees in developing a knowledgeable and innovative probation and rehabilitation workforce.

Whether you are already an Institute member, or thinking of joining, make sure you get listed on the Register today – and qualify for this limited time offer.

Here are the discount codes you will need to use at the checkout:

Level A&B registration – Use code ‘REG_A_B_MAY2016‘ – for a discount of £10

Level C registration – Use code ‘REG_C_MAY2016‘   for a discount of £20

Level D registration – Use code ‘REG_D_MAY2016‘ for a discount of £40


In case of difficulty please contact