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Professional Development Framework



The integrated pathway to excellence
in probation & rehabilitation for all practitioners

Professional Development Framework pathway

We have turned the tangle of different probation and rehabilitation job descriptions, training programmes, university courses, qualifications and  development support

... into a clear, integrated and well-lit pathway for employees and practitioners to move easily forward in their careers.

Framework Benefits


  • gives people confidence to work towards standards of excellence in their professional work for the benefit of service users.
  • welcomes, involves and motivates practitioners from all sectors and with a variety of different experience
  • empowers employers, universities and training providers to develop integrated programmes that benefit the sector as a whole.

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What people said at the launch (Dec 2015)

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“The Framework lets you see how we might design a skill set to suit demand”
Rosie Goodwin, ACO, Merseyside Probation Trust

“It shows how the voluntary sector can be effectively integrated into what was a traditionally public sector service. It gives our members an opportunity to progress in their careers.”
Laura Bugby, Service Design at Nacro

“I have never seen such a complex piece of work brought together so well and so efficiently”
Ann Sherlock of MTCNovo

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