Professional Development Framework


The Register

The Professional Development Framework is aligned to the levels of the register and provides detail of the professional standards, job types, learning and qualifications at each level. The framework will assist in deciding which level of the Register you should select and inform you development and progression.

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Level A Entry Level
Practitioners employed to deliver probation/rehabilitation/community justice services
Relevant Qualification at QCF Level 2
Working toward Relevant Vocational Qualification Level 2
Working towards Relevant Vocational Qualification Level 3 and above

Level B Professionally Competent
Practitioners and managers employed to deliver probation/rehabilitation/community justice services
Qualifications: QCF levels 3, 4 and 5.
This includes:
Vocational Qualification level 3
Vocational Qualification level 4
Level 5 Professional Qualification (e.g. teaching, social work, prison, psychology, police) without Probation Diploma
Management qualifications.

Level C Qualified Practitioners who have achieved an approved Probation Officer qualification
Probation Diploma (England and Wales)
Qualified probation officer (Northern Ireland)
Probation officer (Ireland)
Applications for probation officer qualifications from other jurisdictions subject to evaluation

Level D Advanced
Experienced practitioners and managers who can demonstrate a commitment to learning and development and how they have applied this in practice and who have obtained a relevant master’s level (QCF level 7) qualification.
Minimum of three years' experience demonstrating application in practice through CPD
and has achieved a relevant masters qualification at Level 7 or above which evidences advanced practice
This category is not restricted to qualified probation officers. Individuals registered at level B who have achieved a QCF level 7 qualification and who can demonstrate commitment to CPD at time of registration may also apply.