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Professional Development Framework


Continuous Professional Development

The Probation Institute Register and Professional Development Framework introduce a coherent approach to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for those practising in organisations providing Probation, Rehabilitation and Community Justice Services.
The Probation Register requires registered members of the Probation Institute to demonstrate Continuous Professional Development every three years in order to remain current on the Register. The quality and suitability of the CPD will be sampled by the Probation Institute.
Members submitting to raise their level of registration on the Probation Register must make a new submission of qualification and CPD where required.

The Principles which the Probation Institute expects to inform Continuous Professional Development are:

1. The Probation Institute encourages and supports the continuous professional development, career development and continuing learning of all members.

2. The Probation Institute expects employer partners of the Institute actively to support and promote CPD

3. CPD is the responsibility of the individual member and should be led by the individual supported by their employer/manager

4. CPD submissions must demonstrate
a. How the learning has been achieved ( eg study, course, conference, experience, mentoring)
b. The approximate number of learning hours completed
c. What was learned
d. How the learning links to the NOS at the appropriate level within the Professional Development Framework and/or builds on these
e. How the learning helps the individual to continue to improve their practice
f. How the CDP helps to ensure that knowledge and practice is current

To register and to submit your CPD please go to My Profile/My Experience