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Learning Provider Endorsement Scheme

The Probation Institute Learning Provider Endorsement Scheme is a voluntary scheme offered to Training and Learning Providers, Colleges and Universities. The purpose of the scheme is to ensure the standards of learning and qualifications supporting members of the Probation Institute. The scheme will review and endorse learning providers who offer learning in the probation, community justice and rehabilitation field. The scheme does not endorse individual courses. Endorsed Providers will be listed as partners of the Probation Institute.

Endorsed Learning Provider logo

Endorsed Learning Provider Partners will be entitled to:

  • Use the "Probation Institute Endorsed Learning Provider" Logo
  • Free listing of the endorsed provider and relevant courses on the Probation Institute Website
  • Receive Probation Quarterly Magazine, news updates and attendance at Probation Institute Events

Joining Fee

  • The fee for joining the Learning Provider Endorsement Scheme is £300 per year.
  • To join the scheme please complete and return the Learning Provider Endorsement Submission Form.

Endorsement Criteria

Learning Providers must provide evidence that in developing or delivering learning or qualifications they can demonstrate as appropriate that:

  • The learning provider has appropriate policies for recruitment and staff development
  • Teaching staff have appropriate qualifications
  • The learning provider has a professional approach to quality assurance, administration, design, delivery, and assessment of learning
  • Appropriate professional standards and up-to-date knowledge are incorporated in to the design, development and delivery of learning
  • Courses or qualifications developed are underpinned by relevant National Occupational Standards where appropriate
  • Learning supports positive behaviours, values and codes of ethics, including the Probation Institute Code of Ethics
  • Learning outcomes are achievable and valid
  • The level of learning is clear, and aligned to  the levels of the Probation Register where appropriate, and the target audience is clear
  • Delivery arrangements meet customer learning styles and needs
  • Arrangements are in place for appeal or complaint
  • Qualifications are relevant to roles in probation, rehabilitation and community justice services
  • Qualifications are supported by employers in the sector
  • Qualifications meet appropriate external approval or accreditation schemes.

The lifecycle of endorsement is two years, after which period a further submission will be required demonstrating that the provider continues to meet the endorsement criteria.

Download the Learning Provider Endorsement Scheme and Submission Form

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