Guidance on Progression - Probation Institute

Professional Development Framework


Guidance on Progression

Employers and managers may assist individuals to progress through

  • Developing staff in role, offering wider scope and development opportunities
  • Regular appraisal
  • Coaching to enhance and improve performance
  • Re-grading roles
  • Secondments
  • Job shadowing

Individuals may progress through

  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Keeping knowledge up to date
  • Social media in the professional field
  • Qualifications – funded by the employer or by the individual
  • Seeking change of role or promotion

In their current roles individuals often acquire competence at a higher level than their core role activity. To support professional development and progression, enhanced competence could be recognised by the individual being offered the opportunity to demonstrate assessed and certificated competence using the National Occupational Standards, or through achieving a qualification, in preparation for a higher level role.

An employer may choose to regrade a post if it is considered that the activity required is at, or has become at a higher level. The post holder would then be invited to demonstrate assessed competence at the required level. Job Evaluation and regrading for probation roles should use National Job Evaluation Scheme.