Professional Development Framework


Generic Professional Activities

The Generic Professional Activities are required of all roles within the Professional Development Framework.

Use the Generic Professional Activities to underpin all job roles, appraisals and learning.


Below each are the National Occupational Standards describing competence in the activity:

1. Communication

Effective communication, including appropriate response to barriers to communication:

SFJ SC AB2 Support individuals to communicate using interpretation and translation services

SFJ PB1.1 Communicate information and knowledge

2. Professional standards

Adhere to national and local standards and codes of ethics

SFJ NDI 1 Maintain Professional Standards and Service

SCDHSC0031 Promote effective communication

3. Risk in the work environment 

General duty to share concern in relation to risk with appropriate others, and protect personal safety:

SFJ CSAF2 Protect yourself from the risk of violence at work

SFJ A4A Conduct an assessment of risk in the workplace

SFJ G7 Contribute to the prevention and management of abusive and aggressive behaviour

4. Work with others

Individuals, teams, agencies in meetings, projects, groups:

SFJ AC1 Contribute to the quality of team working

CFAM&LDD4 Develop and sustain collaborative relationships with other organisations

SFJ AD3 Represent one's own agency at other agencies' meetings

SFJ AD1 Develop and sustain effective working with staff from other agencies

5. Manage information

Maintain confidentiality, security and data protection; keep records and provide management information

ZA2 Research, prepare and supply information

SFJ ZA11 Ensure organisational compliance with Data Protection legislation

SFJ ZA12 Administer compliance with Data Protection legislation

SFS SCM 6 Maintain confidentiality and security of information

6. Treat individuals with respect

Recognise and meet diverse needs, promoting protection and well being

SFJ AA1 Promote equality and value diversity

SFJ AA2 Develop a culture and systems that promote equality and value diversity

SFJ AA3 Contribute to developing and maintaining cultures and strategies in which people are respected and valued as individuals

7. Health and Safety

Comply with legislation and policy, promoting a safe culture

SFJ AF1 Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety

SFJ 114L Work Safely in Public Service

SFJ AG1 Maintain personal security and safety, and be alert to the security of others

SFR FOS 303 Promote, monitor and maintain health and safety in the working environment

8. Maintain professional development

Own knowledge, understanding and skills are current and learning is ongoing

SCDHSC0033 Develop your practice through reflection and learning

SFJ AE1 Maintain and develop your own knowledge, skills and competence

SFJ LG9 Maintain an understanding of current legislation and regulation relevant to your role