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Professional Development Framework


Community Justice Learning

The Probation Institute Professional Development Framework incorporates "Community Justice Learning"; a framework developed by the National Offender Management Service to replace the Probation Qualifying Framework from April 2016.

Community Justice Learning comprises a flexible matrix of qualifications achieving the statutory qualification to become a Probation Officer. From April 2016 CJL will comprise:
1) The academic elements of a QCF level 6 qualification of 120 credits (National Probation Service will provide the integrated vocational qualification, which will form part of this qualification)

2) A QCF level 5 qualification of 120 credits, including 4 mandatory modules that comprise the knowledge entry requirements for the level 6 programme and which may be undertaken independently of the full 120 credits

3) Assignment/s at QCF level 4 designed to assess the potential of experienced practitioners with a relevant level 3 vocational qualification to progress with advanced standing to undertake the level 5 qualification

4) A gateway process to accredit prior learning and identify those who meet the knowledge entry requirements as well as those who must complete additional module/s to do so. Potential candidates for the level 6 programme will require formal assessment of their prior learning to ensure they meet the minimum knowledge entry requirements.

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