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We seek to encourage research and best practice in a full range of probation and rehabilitation subjects of interest to our members. You can access them via the links in the right hand margin. We cover these subjects in our Probation Quarterly magazine as well as in news, updates, blogs and events.  Please get in touch if:

  • you have an article/blog/research paper you would like to contribute
  • you would like to volunteer to take a lead in one of these subject areas – possibly leading to the development of further professional networks.

Professional networks

Our professional networks facilitate events, discussion forums and knowledge sharing in the process of developing structured best practice guidelines.  Listed below are the Professional Networks we currently host.  You need to be a full or network member to participate in these groups.

  • Service user Involvement

    Service users are some of the best qualified to comment on what works and what doesn’t in effective rehabilitation. Through our partnership with User Voice, this network is exploring better ways in which we can integrate service user insights into delivering better practice.

    Moderator: Adrian Smith


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  • Using evidence in practice

    It is relatively easy to find case studies, information and anecdotes to back up your established ideas. What is more demanding, and all the more important, is to recognise what makes good evidence and follow where it leads in terms of good practice, even if this challenges received dogma and tradition.


    Moderator: Laura Martin


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  • Electronic monitoring

    The probation service has historically objected to electronic monitoring because it was used as a blunt instrument of control. New EM technologies are creating opportunities for it to be used to support desistance and rehabilitation. This network is looking at the evidence and making sure probation professionals are active participants in evolving this approach for the better.

    Moderator: David Raho


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  • Supporting current and ex-forces personnel

    The number of ex-service personnel in prison is estimated to be between 3% and 6%. In some prisons it is the largest single occupational group. Understanding the particular culture and issues of ex-forces personnel enables significant improvements in outcomes. Working in partnership with the Forces in Mind Trust, this network is developing best practice guidance which can be adapted to local circumstances.

    Moderator: Richard Rowley


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  • Health partnerships and practice

    Whether with patients or service users, professionals in health, probation and rehabilitation work on many of the same issues, particularly in relation to drug and alcohol misuse and mental health conditions. Through our partnership with Public Health England and other health organisations, this network is exploring how we can be more effective by working together.



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  • Women and Justice Network

    Probation Institute Women and Justice Network

    Through the new Women and Justice Network the Probation Institute invites members to join with us to find and share key issues affecting women and justice, helping to keep practitioners up to date across probation, rehabilitation and community justice.

    We are working with partner organisations including the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies who lead a campaign Justice Matters for Women.

    To bring this network alive we need contributions from practitioners and managers across the sector sharing learning and good practice. Tell us what you are doing, where you are located, what concerns you, what you would like others to do, and how the Probation Institute could best support your practice. Send us links to key issues and initiatives.

    Moderator: Helen Schofield



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  • Fellows' Network

    The Network for Fellows of the Institute, providing a space to share information, ideas and other ways to influence probation practice and policy, and to support the development of the profession and the Institute.

    Moderator: Gill Hirst


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  • Probation-Sentencer Liaison

    The Probation – Sentencer Liaison Network (PSLN), is aimed at those working in probation, rehabilitation, the judiciary and magistracy, and all who play a significant role in the delivery of justice.

    The On-Line PSLN Forum is inclusive, welcoming the exchange of views of sentencers, practitioners and managers, providing a much needed opportunity in the newly transformed environment.
    The Forum will have an on-line library and guidelines to support open discussion.
    The Forum is moderated by Richard Monkhouse, former Chair of the Magistrates’ Association.

    Moderator:  Richard Monkhouse

    Two PSLN Launch Seminars will be introduced by Glenys Stacey HMI Probation on 18th October at Middlesex University and on 17th November at Manchester Crown Court. PI and MA Members £20, Non members £30. To register please contact

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  • Academic Advisory Panel

    The Panel  acts as a Probation Institute reference group for research matters that involve HE institutions and advises more generally on the role of the PI as a centre of excellence for promoting and disseminating high quality research findings

    It is chaired by Emerita Professor Anne Worrall, FPInst, Keele University


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  • Board Members

    PI Board members  network

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