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PI launches Ethical Practice Guidelines

The Probation Institute is proud to publish its Ethical Practice Guidelines. These articulate how the values and principles contained in the Probation Institute’s Code of Ethics can be applied in practice. Probation work employs values, professional knowledge and skills to working in the community with people who have offended with the aim of rehabilitating them and protecting victims and potential future victims. Through this work probation makes a significant contribution to public safety, ...

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The Moral Compass

Probation Quarterly asked probation academics Prof Anne Worrall, of Keele University, and Prof Rob Canton, of De Montfort University, what they believe to be the values and ethics of probation practice. What do you feel is the importance of commonly held values for probation? Rob Canton: I think the expression that I’ve heard used sometimes is a ‘moral compass,’ something which helps us to work out in a principled way how policies and practices should develop, but also something that ...

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Putting values and ethics into practice

A greater understanding of a profession’s core values and ethics can enrich professional practice. Leading community justice academic, Professor Rob Canton, has passionately put forward the case for professional ethics and values to consciously guide the practice, policy and institutions which deliver criminal justice. Through having an understanding of ‘what’s right’ in doing justice, Professor Canton argued this gives meaning and purpose to social-minded professions such as probation, ...

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