Tessa Webb | HMI Probation Inspector and former Chief Executive

Tessa Webb OBE, FPInst
Fellow of the Probation Institute

Tessa joined the Probation Service in 1980, working in London and Essex, before progressing to Deputy Head of Public Protection. In 2006 she joined Hertfordshire Probation, becoming Chief Executive and leading the setting up arrangements for the Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire CRC until July 2014.

Tessa was a Director of the Probation Chiefs’ Association leading for Localism and represented the PCA in 2011 to the Justice Select Committee.

In the New Years Honours 2014 Tessa was recognised for her services to Probation with an OBE.

In September 2015 Tessa was appointed as an Inspector with HMI Probation.