Mike McClelland | Former NAPO Chair and retired probation officer

Mike McClelland
Fellow of the Probation Institute

Mike’s involvement with Probation goes back to 1981 when he worked first as a volunteer and then as a Community Service Supervisor and Officer. He qualified as a Probation Officer in 1983 and worked in that capacity for the next 25 years. He was National Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair of Napo during the latter years.

In 2008 Mike became a paid official working for Napo and currently has responsibility for professional practice and training issues. On behalf of Napo he
played a central role in the development of the Probation Institute and in recent years he has been a key member of Napo’s team responding to the TR programme.

As a long time Napo activist and then employee, Mike has been committed both to supporting union members and promoting their interests locally and nationally. Equally, this has meant a fervent promotion of the ethos of Probation in a rapidly changing environment.

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