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Probation Institute Code of Ethics

Membership is voluntary and open to individual practitioners concerned with the rehabilitation of offenders. Membership is inclusive to all staff, regardless of grade, employer or job role.

Who We Are

The Institute is governed by Board which is elected by a Representative Council of its individual members.

The day to day business is managed by the Chief Executive and a small business office.

Our registered office is at 2 Langley Lane, Vauxhall,  London, SW8 1GB.  To arrange a meeting please contact admin@probation-institute.org

Jeff Hodgkinson
Board Director
Mary Anne McFarlane
Board Director
Rob Cotterell
Board Director
David Ward
Board Director
David Walton
Board Director
Mike McClelland
Board Director
Helen Schofield
Acting Chief Executive
Yasmin Jankowski-Doyle
Office Administrator
Nick Smart
Acting Chairman


To find out more about our work to develop a pratice register, our code of ethics, our events and opportunites to be involved with the institute, please visit our FAQ page, which isregularly updated.

Are there any other questions that you like us to answer in FAQs? Get in touch via admin@probation-intitute.org

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